‘Together We Joy’ by Keamogetswe Sediane


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A bright and colourful design, printed on silk satin. With beautifully contrasting colours, this scarf depicts the joy of togetherness and friendship. 


Designed by local artist Keamogetswe Sediane from Full Circle Designs and created by Aperol and Between 10and5.

This scarf is a unique design printed on silk and has a limited print run.

Kamo on what inspired her design: “Making everyone feel seen, heard and celebrated is what I focus on. So basically, I try to resemble joy in my work through flow – a serene energy – not something rigid or too hard. The colour palette in my work is usually full of brightness and then warmness. I feel this communicates joy, and which compliments the overall serene energy. I use a lot of your pastel and warm tones, making it a bit funky. It is a ‘feel good’ feeling I go for, which is why I like to take time with the designs.”


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Dimensions 70 × 70 cm

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