‘Together We Joy’ by Mira Jaan


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This feminine silk scarf with design in pastel blues and neutrals with highlights of green and burnt orange, celebrates the connection between females and the bonds we share with close friends and sisters.


Designed by local Cape Town artist Mira Jaan and created by Aperol and Beween 10and5.

This scarf is a unique design printed on silk and has a limited print run.

This scarf is your perfect accessory. The soft colours will soothe and calm you and compliment any outfit.

“I found this image by Hank Willis Thomas of two people listening to music. So I used that as the inspiration for this work. And, I just really liked the intimacy in that image. I was thinking about the joy that comes with just an intimate moment with someone you love,” Mira Jaan on what inspired her design.


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